group: com.adobe.granite

fresh name packaging artifact id
Adobe Granite Replication bundle com.adobe.granite.replication.core
Adobe Granite Security Module bundle
Adobe Granite XSS Protection bundle com.adobe.granite.xssprotection
Adobe Granite JMX Support bundle com.adobe.granite.jmx
Adobe Granite I18N Module bundle com.adobe.granite.i18n
Adobe Granite UI Commons bundle com.adobe.granite.ui.commons
Adobe Granite Crypto Support bundle com.adobe.granite.crypto
Adobe Granite License Module bundle com.adobe.granite.license
Adobe Granite Commenting Support bundle com.adobe.granite.comments
Adobe Granite Activity Streams bundle com.adobe.granite.activitystreams
Adobe Granite Workflow API bundle com.adobe.granite.workflow.api
Adobe Granite JCR Cluster Support bundle com.adobe.granite.jcrclustersupport
Adobe Granite Integration Testing Support jar com.adobe.granite.testing.granite-it-framework
Granite Test Tooling jar com.adobe.granite.test.tooling
Granite Translation - Translation Core bundle com.adobe.granite.translation.core
Adobe Granite Asset API bundle com.adobe.granite.asset.api
Adobe Granite Workflow Core bundle com.adobe.granite.workflow.core
Adobe Granite Integration Testing Support jar com.adobe.granite.testing.integration-testing
Adobe Granite External Systems Testing Tools jar com.adobe.granite.testing.external-systems
Adobe Granite Social Graph bundle com.adobe.granite.socialgraph
Adobe Granite Timeline Support bundle com.adobe.granite.timeline
Adobe Granite Asset API Implementation bundle com.adobe.granite.asset.core
Granite Translation - Translation API bundle com.adobe.granite.translation.api
Granite Translation - Microsoft Connector Core Bundle bundle com.adobe.granite.translation.connector.msft.core
Adobe Granite Installer Bundle Upgrade Utility jar com.adobe.granite.installer.bundleupgrade
Adobe Granite Workflow Console bundle com.adobe.granite.workflow.console
Adobe Granite Taskmanagement API bundle com.adobe.granite.taskmanagement.api
Adobe Granite OAuth Authentication Handler bundle com.adobe.granite.auth.oauth
OSGi bundle wrapper for the Scribe library bundle com.adobe.granite.scribe
Adobe Granite Offloading Core bundle com.adobe.granite.offloading.core
Adobe Granite References Core Bundle bundle com.adobe.granite.references.core
Day Commons Library - LDAP Client bundle day-commons-ldapclient
Adobe Granite Checkstyle Rules jar granite-checkstyle-rules
Adobe Granite CRX Explorer bundle com.adobe.granite.crx-explorer
Adobe Granite (Parent Project) pom parent
Adobe Granite CRX Package Manager bundle com.adobe.granite.crx-packagemgr
Day CRXDE Support bundle com.adobe.granite.crxde-support
Adobe Granite Web Console Branding bundle com.adobe.granite.extensions.webconsolebranding
Adobe Granite System Bundle Extension: XML APIs jar com.adobe.granite.fragment.xml
Adobe PDF Java Toolkit bundle com.adobe.granite.gibson
Adobe Granite CRXDE Lite bundle com.adobe.granite.crxde-lite
Adobe Granite Installer for Content Packages bundle com.adobe.granite.installer.factory.packages
Adobe Granite SSO Authentication Handler bundle com.adobe.granite.auth.sso
Adobe Granite - SAML 2.0 Authentication Handler bundle com.adobe.granite.auth.saml
Adobe Granite Monitoring Support bundle com.adobe.granite.monitoring.core
Adobe Granite Opt-Out Module bundle com.adobe.granite.optout
OSGi bundle wrapper for the Apache POI library bundle com.adobe.granite.poi
Oak content repository bundle com.adobe.granite.repository
Adobe Granite Authentication Handler bundle com.adobe.granite.auth.authhandler
Adobe Granite Startup Module bundle com.adobe.granite.startup
OSGi bundle wrapper for the Tagsoup library bundle com.adobe.granite.tagsoup
Adobe Granite Taskmanagement Core bundle com.adobe.granite.taskmanagement.core
Adobe Granite Taskmanagement Workflow Integration bundle com.adobe.granite.taskmanagement.workflow
Granite Testing Clients jar com.adobe.granite.testing.clients
Adobe Granite Workflow Content Hook jar com.adobe.granite.workflow.contenthook

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