logo group: com.adobe.aem

fresh name packaging artifact id
Adobe AEM Uber jar jar uber-jar
aem-api jar aem-api
Adobe Experience Manager SDK jar aem-sdk-api
Adobe Experience Manager Forms SDK jar aem-forms-sdk-api
spa-project-core - UI apps content-package spa.project.core.ui.apps
spa-project-core - Core jar spa.project.core.core
AEM Analyser Core jar aemanalyser-core
AEM Forms Core Components - Examples Application Package content-package core-forms-components-examples-apps
AEM Forms Core Components - Content Package for apps content-package core-forms-components-apps
AEM Forms Core Components - Examples Content Package content-package core-forms-components-examples-content
AEM Forms Core Components - Core Bundle bundle core-forms-components-core
spa-project-core - UI apps content-package aem.project.core.ui.apps
Adobe Experience Manager Forms SDK jar aem-forms-prerelease-sdk-api
AEM Importer for Markdown jar aem-importer-markdown
spa-project-core - Core jar aem.project.core.core
Adobe Experience Manager SDK jar aem-prerelease-sdk-api
AEM Multi-Module Archetype maven-archetype aem-project-archetype
AEM SPA Project Core pom aem.project.core
AEM Analyser Maven Plugin maven-plugin aemanalyser-maven-plugin
AEM Analyser CLI jar aemanalyser-cli
AEM Modernize Tools - Repository Structure Package content-package aem-modernize-tools.ui.apps.structure
Adobe Experience Manager SDK jar aem-sdk-deprecated-6.5-api
spa-project-core - All content-package aem.spa.project.core.all
AEM Forms Core Components - All content-package core-forms-components-all
AEM Modernize Tools - UI apps content-package aem-modernize-tools.ui.apps
AEM Modernize Tools - Core jar aem-modernize-tools.core
AEM Forms Core Components - Examples All Package content-package core-forms-components-examples-all
AEM Modernize Tools - All content-package aem-modernize-tools.all
AEM Modernize Tools pom aem-modernize-tools
AEM Forms Core Components - Examples Reactor pom core-forms-components-examples-reactor
AEM Forms Core Components - Parent pom core-forms-components-parent
AEM Forms Core Components Reactor pom core-forms-components-reactor
AEM Parent Plugin Open Source pom parent-oss
AEM SPA Project Core pom spa.project.core
spa-project-core - All content-package spa.project.core.all
Adobe Experience Manager XML Documentation API SDK jar aem-dox-sdk-api
Commerce Add-on Feature Model API jar aem-cif-sdk-api
AEM Modernize Tools - UI Config content-package aem-modernize-tools.ui.config

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