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fresh name packaging artifact id
AdeptJ Modules :: Commons :: Utils jar adeptj-modules-commons-utils
AdeptJ Modules :: WebSecurity :: JWT jar adeptj-modules-websecurity-jwt
AdeptJ Modules :: JAX-RS :: Core jar adeptj-modules-jaxrs-core
AdeptJ Modules :: AWS :: Core jar adeptj-modules-aws-core
AdeptJ Modules :: Commons :: JDBC DataSource jar adeptj-modules-commons-datasource
AdeptJ Runtime Tools jar adeptj-runtime-tools
AdeptJ Modules :: JAX-RS :: Base jar adeptj-modules-jaxrs-base
AdeptJ Modules :: Commons :: Bean Validation jar adeptj-modules-commons-validator
AdeptJ Runtime UI jar adeptj-runtime-ui
AdeptJ Modules :: Commons :: Felix WebConsole Branding bundle adeptj-modules-commons-webconsole-branding
AdeptJ Modules :: Commons :: Felix WebConsole Security jar adeptj-modules-commons-webconsole-security
AdeptJ OSGi Bill of Materials pom adeptj-osgi-bom
AdeptJ Parent pom adeptj-parent
AdeptJ Modules :: Data :: JPA jar adeptj-modules-data-jpa
AdeptJ Modules :: Parent pom adeptj-modules
AdeptJ Modules :: AWS :: S3 jar adeptj-modules-aws-s3
AdeptJ Modules :: AWS :: SES jar adeptj-modules-aws-ses
AdeptJ Modules :: AWS :: SNS jar adeptj-modules-aws-sns
AdeptJ Modules Bill of Materials pom adeptj-modules-bom
AdeptJ :: Maven Plugin maven-plugin adeptj-maven-plugin
AdeptJ Modules :: JAX-RS :: RESTEasy jar adeptj-modules-jaxrs-resteasy
AdeptJ Modules :: Parent pom adeptj-modules-parent
AdeptJ Modules :: Felix WebConsole Branding jar adeptj-modules-webconsole-branding
AdeptJ Modules :: Felix WebConsole :: Security jar adeptj-modules-webconsole-security

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