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fresh name packaging artifact id
Cocoon-itext jar cocoon-itext
Cocoon jar cocoon
Cocoon-apples jar cocoon-apples
Cocoon-asciiart jar cocoon-asciiart
Cocoon-auth jar cocoon-auth
Cocoon-authentication-fw jar cocoon-authentication-fw
Cocoon-axis jar cocoon-axis
Cocoon-batik jar cocoon-batik
Cocoon-bsf jar cocoon-bsf
Cocoon-captcha jar cocoon-captcha
Cocoon-chaperon jar cocoon-chaperon
Cocoon-cron jar cocoon-cron
Cocoon-databases jar cocoon-databases
Cocoon-deli jar cocoon-deli
Cocoon-deprecated jar cocoon-deprecated
Cocoon-eventcache jar cocoon-eventcache
Cocoon-faces jar cocoon-faces
Cocoon-fop jar cocoon-fop
Cocoon-forms jar cocoon-forms
Cocoon-hsqldb jar cocoon-hsqldb
Cocoon-html jar cocoon-html
Cocoon-imageop jar cocoon-imageop
Cocoon-javaflow jar cocoon-javaflow
Cocoon-jcr jar cocoon-jcr
Cocoon-jfor jar cocoon-jfor
Cocoon-jms jar cocoon-jms
Cocoon-jsp jar cocoon-jsp
Cocoon-jxforms jar cocoon-jxforms
Cocoon-linkrewriter jar cocoon-linkrewriter
Cocoon-linotype jar cocoon-linotype
Cocoon-lucene jar cocoon-lucene
Cocoon-mail jar cocoon-mail
Cocoon-midi jar cocoon-midi
Cocoon-naming jar cocoon-naming
Cocoon-ojb jar cocoon-ojb
Cocoon-paranoid jar cocoon-paranoid
Cocoon-petstore jar cocoon-petstore
Cocoon-php jar cocoon-php
Cocoon-poi jar cocoon-poi
Cocoon-portal jar cocoon-portal
Cocoon-portal-fw jar cocoon-portal-fw
Cocoon-precept jar cocoon-precept
Cocoon-profiler jar cocoon-profiler
Cocoon-proxy jar cocoon-proxy
Cocoon-python jar cocoon-python
Cocoon-qdox jar cocoon-qdox
Cocoon-querybean jar cocoon-querybean
Cocoon-repository jar cocoon-repository
Cocoon-scratchpad jar cocoon-scratchpad
Cocoon-serializers jar cocoon-serializers
Cocoon-session-fw jar cocoon-session-fw
Cocoon-slide jar cocoon-slide
Cocoon-slop jar cocoon-slop
Cocoon-stx jar cocoon-stx
Cocoon-swf jar cocoon-swf
Cocoon-taglib jar cocoon-taglib
Cocoon-template jar cocoon-template
Cocoon-testcase jar cocoon-testcase
Cocoon-tour jar cocoon-tour
Cocoon-validation jar cocoon-validation
Cocoon-velocity jar cocoon-velocity
Cocoon-war war cocoon-war
Cocoon-web3 jar cocoon-web3
Cocoon-webdav jar cocoon-webdav
Cocoon-woody jar cocoon-woody
Cocoon-xmldb jar cocoon-xmldb
Cocoon-xsltal jar cocoon-xsltal
Cocoon-xsp jar cocoon-xsp
Cocoon-ajax jar cocoon-ajax

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