logo group: co.cask.hydrator

fresh name packaging artifact id
Hydrator Common jar hydrator-common
Common Formats jar format-common
Hydrator Core Plugins jar core-plugins
Avro format plugins jar format-avro
ORC format plugins jar format-orc
Parquet format plugins jar format-parquet
Spark Hydrator Plugins jar spark-plugins
Text format plugins jar format-text
Database Plugins jar database-plugins
Blob format plugins jar format-blob
Delimited format plugins jar format-delimited
JSON format plugins jar format-json
Transform Plugins jar transform-plugins
Cassandra Plugins jar cassandra-plugins
Wrangler Plugin jar wrangler
CopybookReader Plugins jar copybookreader-plugins
Elasticsearch Plugins jar elasticsearch-plugins
HBase Plugins jar hbase-plugins
HDFS Plugins jar hdfs-plugins
Hive Hydrator Plugins jar hive-plugins
HTTP Plugins jar http-plugins
Hydrator Plugin Collection pom hydrator-plugins
Kafka Hydrator Plugins jar kafka-plugins
MongoDB Plugins jar mongodb-plugins
Python Evaluator Transform Plugin jar python-evaluator-transform
Solr Search Plugins jar solrsearch-plugins

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