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fresh name packaging artifact id
CDAP API jar cdap-api
CDAP Common jar cdap-common
CDAP Unit Test Framework jar cdap-unit-test
CDAP Build Common jar cdap-common-unit-test
CDAP Data-Fabric jar cdap-data-fabric
CDAP ETL App Template API jar cdap-etl-api
CDAP Protocol jar cdap-proto
CDAP App-Fabric jar cdap-app-fabric
CDAP Security jar cdap-security
CDAP Watchdog jar cdap-watchdog
Hydrator Test Classes jar hydrator-test
CDAP Explore Client jar cdap-explore-client
CDAP HBase Compactability Base jar cdap-hbase-compat-base
CDAP Data Format jar cdap-formats
CDAP Spark1 API Scala 2.10 jar cdap-api-spark
CDAP Java Client jar cdap-client
CDAP Watchdog API jar cdap-watchdog-api
CDAP Standalone jar cdap-standalone
CDAP ETL App Template Core jar cdap-etl-core
CDAP Data Pipeline Application Spark1 Scala 2.10 jar cdap-data-pipeline
CDAP ETL App Template Spark API jar cdap-etl-api-spark
CDAP Notifications jar cdap-notifications
CDAP Explore jar cdap-explore
CDAP Explore JDBC Driver jar cdap-explore-jdbc
CDAP Unit Test Framework with Spark2_2.11 jar cdap-unit-test-spark2_2.11
CDAP ETL Protocol jar cdap-etl-proto
CDAP HBase 0.98 Compatibility jar cdap-hbase-compat-0.98
CDAP Test Framework jar cdap-test
CDAP Transactional Messaging System jar cdap-tms
CDAP Security SPI jar cdap-security-spi
CDAP Spark1 Core Scala 2.10 jar cdap-spark-core
CDAP Gateway jar cdap-gateway
CDAP SPI jar cdap-spi
CDAP ETL Batch Application jar cdap-etl-batch
CDAP CLI jar cdap-cli
CDAP Notifications APIs jar cdap-notifications-api
CDAP API Common jar cdap-api-common
CDAP Spark2 API Scala 2.11 jar cdap-api-spark2_2.11
CDAP ETL Realtime App jar cdap-etl-realtime
Java CDAP Authentication Client jar cdap-authentication-client
Hydrator Spark1 Core Scala 2.10 jar hydrator-spark-core
CDAP UI jar cdap-ui
CDAP Spark2 Core Scala 2.11 jar cdap-spark-core2_2.11
CDAP Sentry Model jar cdap-sentry-model
CDAP Java Client Tests jar cdap-client-tests
Cdap-kafka-flow-core jar cdap-kafka-flow-core
CDAP Sentry Policy jar cdap-sentry-policy
CDAP ETL App Template Library jar cdap-etl-lib
CDAP HBase 0.94 Compatibility jar cdap-hbase-compat-0.94
CDAP HBase 0.96 Compatibility jar cdap-hbase-compat-0.96
CDAP Data Streams Application Spark1 Scala 2.10 jar cdap-data-streams
CDAP Runtime SPI jar cdap-runtime-spi
CDAP Standalone Unit Test jar cdap-unit-test-standalone
Hydrator Spark2 Core Scala 2.11 jar hydrator-spark-core2_2.11
CDAP Stream Client jar cdap-stream-client
CDAP PySpark Library jar cdap-spark-python
Hive Query Language jar hive-exec
CDAP Ranger Common jar cdap-ranger-common
CDAP HBase SPI jar cdap-hbase-spi
CDAP Sentry Binding jar cdap-sentry-binding
CDAP Common Integration Tests jar cdap-common-integration-tests
CDAP ETL Common jar cdap-etl-common
CDAP File Tailer jar cdap-file-tailer
CDAP Kafka Server jar cdap-kafka
CDAP Authorization Dataset Plugin jar cdap-authorization-dataset-plugin
CDAP Data Pipeline Application Spark2 Scala 2.11 jar cdap-data-pipeline2_2.11
Cdap-kafka-flow-compat-0.8 jar cdap-kafka-flow-compat-0.8
CDAP File DropZone jar cdap-file-drop-zone
CDAP Flume Sink jar cdap-flume
Decisiontreeregression jar DecisionTreeRegression
FileSet Example jar FileSetExample
Hello World jar HelloWorld
Loganalysis jar LogAnalysis
Purchase App jar Purchase
Spamclassifier jar SpamClassifier
Sparkkmeans jar SparkKMeans
Spark Page Rank jar SparkPageRank
Sport Results Analytics jar SportResults
Stream Conversion jar StreamConversion
User Profiles App jar UserProfiles
WebAnalytics App jar WebAnalytics
Wikipediapipeline jar WikipediaPipeline
Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) pom cdap
WordCount App jar WordCount
CDAP Adapters jar cdap-adapters
CDAP Application Archetype jar cdap-app-archetype
CDAP App Fabric Tests jar cdap-app-fabric-tests
CDAP App Templates pom cdap-app-templates
CDAP Application Archetypes pom cdap-archetypes
Javascript CDAP Authentication Client jar cdap-authentication-client-javascript
CDAP Authentication clients pom cdap-authentication-clients
CDAP Clients pom cdap-clients
CDAP CLI Tests jar cdap-cli-tests
CDAP Data-Fabric Tests jar cdap-data-fabric-tests
CDAP Data Pipeline Batch Plugins Archetype jar cdap-data-pipeline-plugins-archetype
CDAP Data Quality Artifact jar cdap-data-quality
CDAP Data Streams Application Spark2 Scala 2.11 jar cdap-data-streams2_2.11
CDAP Distributions jar cdap-distributions
CDAP Documentation Generator jar cdap-docs-gen
CDAP ETL Template pom cdap-etl
CDAP Application Archetypes pom cdap-etl-archetypes
CDAP ETL Batch Sink Archetype jar cdap-etl-batch-sink-archetype
CDAP ETL Batch Source Archetype jar cdap-etl-batch-source-archetype
CDAP ETL Realtime Sink Archetype jar cdap-etl-realtime-sink-archetype
CDAP ETL Realtime Source Archetype jar cdap-etl-realtime-source-archetype
CDAP ETL Tools jar cdap-etl-tools
CDAP ETL Transform Archetype jar cdap-etl-transform-archetype
CDAP Examples pom cdap-examples
CDAP File DropZone Integration Tests jar cdap-file-drop-zone-integration-tests
CDAP File Tailer Integration Tests jar cdap-file-tailer-integration-tests
CDAP Flume Integration Tests jar cdap-flume-java-integration-tests
CDAP HBase 1.0 Compatibility jar cdap-hbase-compat-1.0
CDAP HBase 1.0-CDH Compatibility jar cdap-hbase-compat-1.0-cdh
CDAP HBase 1.0-CDH5.5.0 Compatibility jar cdap-hbase-compat-1.0-cdh5.5.0
CDAP HBase 1.1 Compatibility jar cdap-hbase-compat-1.1
CDAP HBase 1.2-CDH5.7.0 Compatibility jar cdap-hbase-compat-1.2-cdh5.7.0
CDAP Hue Extension pom cdap-hue-extension
CDAP ingest pom cdap-ingest
CDAP Integration Test Framework jar cdap-integration-test
CDAP ingest integration tests pom cdap-integration-tests
CDAP Kafka Flow Pack pom cdap-kafka-flow
Cdap-kafka-flow-compat-0.7 jar cdap-kafka-flow-compat-0.7
CDAP KMS jar cdap-kms
CDAP MapReduce Archetype jar cdap-mapreduce-archetype
CDAP Master jar cdap-master
CDAP Operational Stats Core jar cdap-operational-stats-core
CDAP Program Run Report Application Spark2 Scala 2.11 jar cdap-program-report
CDAP Program Run Report Artifact jar cdap-program-report1_2.10
CDAP Program Run Report Application Spark2 Scala 2.11 jar cdap-program-report2_2.11
CDAP Ranger Authorization Extension pom cdap-ranger
CDAP Ranger Binding jar cdap-ranger-binding
CDAP Ranger Lookup jar cdap-ranger-lookup
CDAP Google Cloud Dataproc Runtime Extension jar cdap-runtime-ext-dataproc
CDAP Amazon EMR Runtime Extension jar cdap-runtime-ext-emr
CDAP Remote Hadoop Runtime Extension jar cdap-runtime-ext-remote-hadoop
CDAP Security Extensions pom cdap-security-extensions
CDAP Security Extensions Distribution pom cdap-security-extensions-dist
CDAP Security Services jar cdap-security-service
CDAP Sentry Authorization Extension pom cdap-sentry
CDAP Sentry Authorization Extension pom cdap-sentry-extension
CDAP Spark Java Archetype jar cdap-spark-java-archetype
CDAP Spark Scala Archetype jar cdap-spark-scala-archetype
CDAP Stream Client Integration Tests jar cdap-stream-client-integration-tests
CDAP Stream Clients pom cdap-stream-clients
CDAP Transactional Messaging System Tests jar cdap-tms-tests
CDAP Watchdog Tests jar cdap-watchdog-tests
CDAP Web-App jar cdap-web-app
Clicks and Views App jar ClicksAndViews
Count Random jar CountRandom
Application with Cube Service jar CubeService
Application with Cube Service jar CubeServiceApp
Data Cleansing App jar DataCleansing

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