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fresh name packaging artifact id
Beans-enum jar beans-enum
Beans-constant jar beans-constant
Apis-exception jar apis-exception
Utils-time jar utils-time
Utils-spring jar utils-spring
Utils-string jar utils-string
Apis-result jar apis-result
Utils-jwt jar utils-jwt
Beans-entity jar beans-entity
Utils-map jar utils-map
Utils-http jar utils-http
Utils-encryption jar utils-encryption
Docs-core-swagger jar docs-core-swagger
Doc-swagger-boot jar doc-swagger-boot
Apis-annotation jar apis-annotation
Aops-apilog jar aops-apilog
Aops-apisign jar aops-apisign
Caches-jpa-core jar caches-jpa-core
Caches-jpa-server jar caches-jpa-server
Caches-mybatis-core jar caches-mybatis-core
Caches-redis-core jar caches-redis-core
Logs-cache-p6spy jar logs-cache-p6spy
Oss-api jar oss-api
Starters-beans jar starters-beans
Starters-jdevelops-boot-web jar starters-jdevelops-boot-web
Starters-jdevelops-web jar starters-jdevelops-web
Starters-utils jar starters-utils
Utils-environment jar utils-environment
Utils-list jar utils-list
Webs-jwt jar webs-jwt
Webs-socket-core jar webs-socket-core
Jdevelops-cloud pom jdevelops-cloud
Jdevelops-docs pom jdevelops-docs
Jdevelops-file pom jdevelops-file
Jdevelops-logs pom jdevelops-logs
Jdevelops-search pom jdevelops-search
Jdevelops-sms pom jdevelops-sms
jdevelops-spi jar jdevelops-spi
Jdevelops-starters pom jdevelops-starters
Jdevelops-utils pom jdevelops-utils
Jdevelops-webs pom jdevelops-webs
Local-driver jar local-driver
Logs-cache pom logs-cache
Webs-socket pom webs-socket
Minio-driver jar minio-driver
Caches-mybatis pom caches-mybatis
Oss-driver pom oss-driver
Qiniu-driver jar qiniu-driver
search-es jar search-es
Search-solr jar search-solr
Sms-aliyun jar sms-aliyun
Sms-mail jar sms-mail
Utils-message jar utils-message
Caches-jpa pom caches-jpa
Starters-jdevelops-boot-web-jpa jar starters-jdevelops-boot-web-jpa
aops-jpaReturn jar aops-jpaReturn
Aops-apiversion jar aops-apiversion
Caches-redis-pub jar caches-redis-pub
Webs-socket-client jar webs-socket-client
Caches-redis pom caches-redis
Caches-mybatis-server jar caches-mybatis-server
Docs-core pom docs-core
Doc-swagger pom doc-swagger
Cloud-gateway jar cloud-gateway
Doc-swagger-cloud jar doc-swagger-cloud
jdevelops pom jdevelops
Jdevelops-aops pom jdevelops-aops
Jdevelops-apis pom jdevelops-apis
jdevelops-archetype jar jdevelops-archetype
Jdevelops-beans pom jdevelops-beans
Jdevelops-caches pom jdevelops-caches

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