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fresh name packaging artifact id
orai18n jar orai18n
ojdbc7 jar ojdbc7
ojdbc6 jar ojdbc6
EasyOCR jar easyocr
easybackup jar easybackup
ojdbc5 jar ojdbc5
EasyOCR-LinkBold-Plugin jar easyocr-linkbold-plugin
EasyCommonDAO-JPA-EclipseLink jar easycommondao-jpa-eclipselink
easybackup-mysql-plugin jar easybackup-mysql-plugin
EasyCommonDAO-JPA-Hibernate5 jar easycommondao-jpa-hibernate5
EasyCommonDAO-Hibernate3 jar easycommondao-hibernate3
EasyCommonDAO-Hibernate5 jar easycommondao-hibernate5
simplefan jar simplefan
Easyazure pom easyazure
Easycommondao pom easycommondao
EasyImageUtils jar easycommons-image
Azure NoSQL jar azure-nosql
EasyCommonDAO-JPA-Hibernate4 jar easycommondao-jpa-hibernate4
EasyCommonDAO-Hibernate4 jar easycommondao-hibernate4
EasyFilter jar easyfilter
easyshiro jar easyshiro
easybackup jar easybackup-mysql
EasyObjectUtils jar easyobjectutils
easymonitor jar easymonitor
ons jar ons
easyshiro-redis-cache jar easyshiro-redis-cache
Azure Storage jar azure-storage
EasyCommonDAO-JPA-Hibernate3 jar easycommondao-jpa-hibernate3
EasyObjectUtils jar easycommons-object
EasyPropertiesUtils jar easypropertiesutils
EasyPropertiesUtils jar easycommons-properties
EasyImageUtils jar easyimageutils
Easymybatis-pagination jar easymybatis-pagination
Easycommons pom easycommons
xdb6 jar xdb6
Azure Util jar azure-util
EasyEE AUTO jar easyee-auto

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