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fresh name packaging artifact id
bloop-frontend jar bloop-frontend_2.12
bloop-config jar bloop-config_2.12
bsp4j jar bsp4j
bloop-shared jar bloop-shared_2.12
core jar scalafix-core_2.12
case-app jar case-app_2.12
sockets jar sockets
Compiler Interface jar compiler-interface
zinc jar zinc_2.12
core jar scalafix-core_2.11
bloop-backend jar bloop-backend_2.12
nailgun-server jar nailgun-server
bsp4s jar bsp4s_2.12
directory-watcher jar directory-watcher
bloop-config jar bloop-config_2.11
bloop-config jar bloop-config_2.10
buildpressConfig jar buildpressconfig_2.12
bloopgun-core jar bloopgun-core_2.12
com.microsoft.java.debug.core jar com-microsoft-java-debug-core
bloop-launcher-core jar bloop-launcher-core_2.12
interfaces jar scalafix-interfaces
zinc Classfile jar zinc-classfile_2.12
zinc Compile Core jar zinc-compile-core_2.12
bloop-config jar bloop-config_2.13
reflect jar scalafix-reflect_2.11.12
zinc Classpath jar zinc-classpath_2.12
zinc ApiInfo jar zinc-apiinfo_2.12
zinc Core jar zinc-core_2.12
Compiler Bridge jar compiler-bridge_2.12
nailgun-server jar nailgun-server_2.12
reflect211 jar scalafix-reflect_2.11.11
rules jar scalafix-rules_2.12
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.11.12
diff jar scalafix-diff_sjs0.6_2.12
diff211 jar scalafix-diff_sjs0.6_2.11
diff jar scalafix-diff_2.12
diff211 jar scalafix-diff_2.11
rules jar scalafix-rules_2.11
reflect jar scalafix-reflect_2.12.3
zinc Persist jar zinc-persist_2.12
bloop-launcher jar bloop-launcher_2.12
reflect jar scalafix-reflect_2.12.4
core jar scalafix-core_2.13
reflect jar scalafix-reflect_2.12.6
testkit211 jar scalafix-testkit_2.11.11
zinc Ivy Integration jar zinc-ivy-integration_2.12
bsp jar bsp_2.12
rules jar scalafix-rules_2.13
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.11.12
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.12.3
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.12.6
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.12.4
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.12.11
scalafix-testutils jar scalafix-testutils_2.11
reflect jar scalafix-reflect_2.12.2
scalafix-testutils jar scalafix-testutils_2.12
bloop-integrations-core jar bloop-integrations-core_2.12
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.12.8
reflect jar scalafix-reflect_2.12.11
Collections jar collections_2.12
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.12.10
reflect jar scalafix-reflect_2.12.10
collection-strawman jar collection-strawman_2.12
collection-strawman jar collection-strawman_sjs0.6_2.13.0-M2
profiledb jar profiledb_2.12
core jar scalafix-core_2.12.1
collection-strawman jar collection-strawman_2.13.0-M2
collection-strawman jar collection-strawman_sjs0.6_2.12
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.12.2
reflect jar scalafix-reflect_2.12.7
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.12.7
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.12.6
spores jar spores_2.11
reflect jar scalafix-reflect_2.12.8
core jar scalafix-core_2.11.10
gradleBloop212 jar gradlebloop212_2.12
Command jar command_2.12
Completion jar completion_2.12
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.11
zinc Compile Core jar zinc-compile-core_2.11
reflect jar scalafix-reflect_2.13.2
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.13.2
zinc Classfile jar zinc-classfile_2.11
Run jar run_2.12
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.13.3
core jar scalafix-core_2.11.8
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.12.1
reflect jar scalafix-reflect_2.13.3
zinc Core jar zinc-core_2.11
Tasks jar tasks_2.12
Task System jar task-system_2.12
integrationsCore jar integrationscore_2.12
zinc Classpath jar zinc-classpath_2.11
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.12
Logic jar logic_2.12
Test Agent jar test-agent
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.11.8
input jar input_2.13
Protocol jar protocol_2.12
collection-strawman jar collection-strawman_0.3
rules jar example-scalafix-rule_2.13
rules jar example-scalafix-rule_2.12
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.12.11
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.11.10
collection-strawman jar collection-strawman_0.5
case-app-util jar case-app-util_2.12
Actions jar actions_2.12
input jar input_2.12
input jar input_2.11
rules jar example-scalafix-rule_2.11
Core Macros jar core-macros_2.12
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.13.2
Compiler Bridge jar compiler-bridge_2.11
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.11
case-app-annotations jar case-app-annotations_2.12
collection-strawman jar collection-strawman_0.4
jsonrpc jar jsonrpc_2.12
zinc Ivy Integration jar zinc-ivy-integration_2.11
nsc jar scalafix-nsc_2.11.10
Scripted sbt jar scripted-sbt_2.12
case-app-util jar case-app-util_sjs0.6_2.12
reflect jar scalafix-reflect_2.12.12
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.12.12
lsp4s jar lsp4s_2.12
nsc jar scalafix-nsc_2.12.1
Main jar main_2.12
Main Settings jar main-settings_2.12
zinc Persist jar zinc-persist_2.11
sbt jar sbt
Testing jar testing_2.12
case-app-annotations jar case-app-annotations_sjs0.6_2.12
sbt-compatibility-dummy jar sbt-compatibility-dummy_2.12
Persist jar persist
Datatype-generator jar datatype-generator
sbt-release-early jar sbt-release-early
sbt-scalajs-bundler jar sbt-scalajs-bundler_2.12_1.0
scalafix-nsc jar scalafix-nsc_2.11
library-example jar library-example_2.12
classpath-shrinker jar classpath-shrinker_2.12
Collections jar collections
sbt-scalac-profiling jar sbt-scalac-profiling_2.12_1.0
sbt-scalajs-bundler jar sbt-scalajs-bundler_2.10_0.13
sbt-pom-reader jar sbt-pom-reader_2.12_1.0
fatcli jar scalafix-fatcli_2.12.1
sbt-release-early jar sbt-release-early_2.10_0.13
bloop-js-bridge-0.6 jar bloop-js-bridge-0-6_2.12
bloop-integrations-core jar bloop-integrations-core_2.10
gradle-bloop jar gradle-bloop_2.12
sbt-scalac-profiling jar sbt-scalac-profiling_2.10_0.13
classpath-shrinker jar classpath-shrinker_2.11
collections-contrib jar collections-contrib_sjs0.6_2.13.0-M2
zinc jar zinc_2.11
scalafix-nsc jar scalafix-nsc_2.12
sbt-web-scalajs-bundler jar sbt-web-scalajs-bundler_2.12_1.0
collection-strawman jar collection-strawman_0.1
scalafix jar scalafix_2.11
sbt-release-early jar sbt-release-early_2.12_1.0
Incremental-compiler jar incremental-compiler
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.12.4
Classfile jar classfile
Cache jar cache
Tasks jar tasks
Run jar run
bsp-testkit jar bsp-testkit_2.12
tests jar tests_2.12
tests jar tests_2.13
fatcli jar scalafix-fatcli_2.11.10
Compiler-integration jar compiler-integration
bsp-testkit jar bsp-testkit_2.13
Compiler Bridge jar compiler-bridge_2.13
mill-bloop jar mill-bloop_2.12
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.12.7
Sbtroot jar sbtroot
Scripted-framework jar scripted-framework
collections-contrib jar collections-contrib_0.5
collections-contrib jar collections-contrib_0.4
Io jar io
spores-serialization jar spores-serialization_2.11
collection-strawman jar collection-strawman_2.13.0-M1
Control jar control
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.12.8
maven-bloop maven-plugin maven-bloop_2.10
Tracking jar tracking
bloop-native-bridge-0.4 jar bloop-native-bridge-0-4_2.12
Process jar process
bintry jar bintry_2.12
Actions jar actions
Classpath jar classpath
library-example jar library-example_2.11
Cross jar cross
sbt-scalafix jar sbt-scalafix_2.12_1.0
scalajs-bundler-linker jar scalajs-bundler-linker_2.12
Api jar api
bloop-native-bridge-0.3 jar bloop-native-bridge-0-3_2.12
Relation jar relation
Testing jar testing
core211 jar scalafix-core_sjs0.6_2.11
Compiler Bridge jar compiler-bridge_2.10
coreJVM bundle shapeless_2.12
collections-contrib jar collections-contrib_sjs0.6_2.12
coreJS bundle shapeless_sjs0.6_2.12
output jar output_2.12
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.13.3
load-plugin jar load-plugin_2.12
Task-system jar task-system
Scripted-sbt jar scripted-sbt
scalafix jar scalafix_2.12
Logic jar logic
Logging jar logging
ipcsocket jar ipcsocket
tests jar tests_2.11
scalafix jar scalafix_2.13
output jar output_2.13
output jar output_2.11
Apply-macro jar apply-macro
Ivy jar ivy
cli211 jar scalafix-cli_2.11.11
versions jar versions_2.12
collection-strawman jar collection-strawman_0.2
bintry jar bintry_2.11
bintry jar bintry_2.10
Completion jar completion
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.12.12
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.12.3
testkit jar scalafix-testkit_2.12.10
sbt-bloop jar sbt-bloop_2.10_0.13
jarjar jar jarjar
collections-contrib jar collections-contrib_2.13.0-M2
scalac-profiling jar scalac-profiling_2.12
bloopgun jar bloopgun_2.12
Interface jar interface
bloop-config jar bloop-config_sjs1_2.13
case-app jar case-app_sjs0.6_2.12
bloop-config jar bloop-config_sjs1_2.12
readme jar readme_2.11
collections-contrib jar collections-contrib_0.3
profiledb-211 jar profiledb_2.11
integrationsCore jar integrationscore_2.10
Main jar main
sbt-bloop jar sbt-bloop_2.12_1.0
sbt-launch jar sbt-launch
Compiler Bridge jar compiler-bridge_2.13.0-M2
maven-bloop maven-plugin maven-bloop_2.12
Scripted Plugin jar scripted-plugin_2.12
Main-settings jar main-settings
Compile jar compile
collections-contrib jar collections-contrib_2.12
sbt-bintray jar sbt-bintray_2.10_0.13
Scripted-plugin jar scripted-plugin
collection-strawman jar collection-strawman_0.6
zinc Compile jar zinc-compile_2.12
gradle-bloop jar gradle-bloop_2.11
buildpress jar buildpress_2.12
core jar scalafix-core_sjs0.6_2.12
bloop-js-bridge-1.0 jar bloop-js-bridge-1-0_2.12
sbt-scalafix jar sbt-scalafix_2.10_0.13
bloop-config jar bloop-config_sjs1_2.11
Command jar command
cli jar scalafix-cli_2.12.2
sbt-web-scalajs-bundler jar sbt-web-scalajs-bundler_2.10_0.13
bloop-native-bridge jar bloop-native-bridge_2.12
zinc Compile jar zinc-compile_2.11
fatcli jar scalafix-fatcli_2.11.8
Compiler-ivy-integration jar compiler-ivy-integration
sbt-bintray jar sbt-bintray_2.12_1.0.0-M6
scalafix-nsc jar scalafix-nsc_2.11.8

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