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fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Hadoop Common jar hadoop-common
Apache Hadoop HDFS jar hadoop-hdfs
Apache Hadoop Annotations jar hadoop-annotations
hadoop-yarn-common jar hadoop-yarn-common
hadoop-mapreduce-client-jobclient jar hadoop-mapreduce-client-jobclient
hadoop-yarn-api jar hadoop-yarn-api
hadoop-yarn-server-tests jar hadoop-yarn-server-tests
hadoop-yarn-server-common jar hadoop-yarn-server-common
hadoop-mapreduce-client-app jar hadoop-mapreduce-client-app
hadoop-mapreduce-client-core jar hadoop-mapreduce-client-core
hadoop-mapreduce-client-hs jar hadoop-mapreduce-client-hs
hadoop-yarn-server-resourcemanager jar hadoop-yarn-server-resourcemanager
Apache Hadoop Auth jar hadoop-auth
Apache Hadoop MiniKDC jar hadoop-minikdc
hadoop-yarn-server-nodemanager jar hadoop-yarn-server-nodemanager
hadoop-mapreduce-client-common jar hadoop-mapreduce-client-common
hadoop-yarn-client jar hadoop-yarn-client
hadoop-yarn-server-web-proxy jar hadoop-yarn-server-web-proxy
Apache Hadoop Rumen jar hadoop-rumen
Apache Hadoop KMS war hadoop-kms
hadoop-mapreduce-client-shuffle jar hadoop-mapreduce-client-shuffle
Apache Hadoop Data Join jar hadoop-datajoin
Apache Hadoop OpenStack support jar hadoop-openstack
Apache Hadoop Pipes pom hadoop-pipes
Apache Hadoop Gridmix jar hadoop-gridmix
Apache Hadoop Scheduler Load Simulator jar hadoop-sls
Apache Hadoop MapReduce Streaming jar hadoop-streaming
Apache Hadoop Amazon Web Services support jar hadoop-aws
Apache Hadoop Azure support jar hadoop-azure
Apache Hadoop Ant Tasks jar hadoop-ant
Apache Hadoop Client jar hadoop-client
Apache Hadoop NFS jar hadoop-nfs
hadoop-yarn-server-applicationhistoryservice jar hadoop-yarn-server-applicationhistoryservice
Apache Hadoop Archives jar hadoop-archives
Apache Hadoop Distributed Copy jar hadoop-distcp
Apache Hadoop Extras jar hadoop-extras
Apache Hadoop Mini-Cluster jar hadoop-minicluster
hadoop-yarn-site xml hadoop-yarn-site
Apache Hadoop Assemblies jar hadoop-assemblies
Apache Hadoop Auth Examples war hadoop-auth-examples
Apache Hadoop Build Tools jar hadoop-build-tools
Apache Hadoop Common Project pom hadoop-common-project
Apache Hadoop Distribution jar hadoop-dist
Apache Hadoop HDFS BookKeeper Journal jar hadoop-hdfs-bkjournal
Apache Hadoop HttpFS war hadoop-hdfs-httpfs
Apache Hadoop HDFS-NFS jar hadoop-hdfs-nfs
Apache Hadoop HDFS Project pom hadoop-hdfs-project
Apache Hadoop Main pom hadoop-main
hadoop-mapreduce pom hadoop-mapreduce
hadoop-mapreduce-client pom hadoop-mapreduce-client
hadoop-mapreduce-client-hs-plugins jar hadoop-mapreduce-client-hs-plugins
Apache Hadoop MapReduce Examples jar hadoop-mapreduce-examples
Apache Hadoop Maven Plugins maven-plugin hadoop-maven-plugins
Apache Hadoop Project POM xml hadoop-project
Apache Hadoop Project Dist POM jar hadoop-project-dist
Apache Hadoop Tools pom hadoop-tools
Apache Hadoop Tools Dist jar hadoop-tools-dist
hadoop-yarn pom hadoop-yarn
hadoop-yarn-applications pom hadoop-yarn-applications
hadoop-yarn-applications-distributedshell jar hadoop-yarn-applications-distributedshell
hadoop-yarn-applications-unmanaged-am-launcher jar hadoop-yarn-applications-unmanaged-am-launcher
hadoop-yarn-project pom hadoop-yarn-project
hadoop-yarn-registry jar hadoop-yarn-registry
hadoop-yarn-server pom hadoop-yarn-server
hadoop-yarn-server-sharedcachemanager jar hadoop-yarn-server-sharedcachemanager

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