logo group: cd.connect.common

fresh name packaging artifact id
connect-java-logging - core logging services jar connect-java-logging
connect-java-logging-log4j2 jar connect-java-logging-log4j2
connect-app-declare-config jar connect-app-declare-config
connect-app-lifecycle jar connect-app-lifecycle
Prometheus Jersey Annotation Support jar connect-prometheus-jersey
jackson core jar connect-java-jackson
connect-runnable-war jar connect-runnable-war
connect-opentracing-logging-wrapper jar connect-opentracing-logging-wrapper
connect-env-property-headers jar connect-env-property-headers
connect-env-logging jar connect-env-logging
connect-opentracing-requestid jar connect-opentracing-requestid
connect-opentracing-web jar connect-opentracing-web
connect-jersey-client jar connect-jersey-client
connect-gen-code-scanner maven-plugin connect-gen-code-scanner
connect-vault-initializer jar connect-vault-initializer

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