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fresh name packaging artifact id
Anteros Core jar Anteros-Core
Anteros Persistence Core jar Anteros-Persistence-Core
Anteros Bean Validation API jar Anteros-Bean-Validation-Api
Anteros Security Store jar Anteros-Security-Store
Anteros Persistence jar Anteros-Persistence
Anteros Persistence Annotation Processor jar Anteros-Persistence-Apt
Anteros Bean Validation jar Anteros-Bean-Validation
Anteros Persistence Serialization jar Anteros-Persistence-Serialization
Anteros Spring jar Anteros-Spring
Anteros Security Spring jar Anteros-Security-Spring
anteros-core-android aar anteros-core-android
Anteros NoSQL Persistence jar Anteros-NoSql-Persistence
Anteros XML Helper jar Anteros-XML-Helper
Anteros Security jar Anteros-Security
Anteros Spring Web jar Anteros-Spring-Web
Anteros Web jar Anteros-Web
Anteros Generator Core jar Anteros-Generator-Core
Anteros EL jar Anteros-EL
Anteros Collections jar Anteros-Collections
Anteros Cloud Integration jar Anteros-Cloud-Integration
anteros-ui-controls-android aar anteros-ui-controls-android
Anteros Security Store SQL jar Anteros-Security-Store-SQL
Br.com.anteros.client.mqttv3 eclipse-plugin br.com.anteros.client.mqttv3
Anteros Security Spring SQL jar Anteros-Security-Spring-SQL
Anteros NextCloud jar Anteros-NextCloud
anteros-persistence-android aar anteros-persistence-android
Anteros NoSQL Persistence MongoDB jar Anteros-NoSql-Persistence-MongoDB
Anteros NoSQL Spring jar Anteros-NoSql-Spring
Anteros Remote Synch jar Anteros-Remote-Synch
Anteros NoSQL Persistence Serialization jar Anteros-NoSql-Persistence-Serialization
Anteros DBCP bundle Anteros-DBCP
anteros-mqtt-core jar anteros-mqtt-core
anteros-mqtt-codec jar anteros-mqtt-codec
Anteros JSONDoc Core jar Anteros-JSONDoc-Core
Anteros JSONDoc Spring MVC jar Anteros-JSONDoc-SpringMVC
Anteros FlatFile jar Anteros-FlatFile
Anteros Mobile Server CORE jar Anteros-MobileServer-Core
anteros-mqtt-model jar anteros-mqtt-model
Anteros Generator Maven Plugin maven-plugin Anteros-Generator-Maven-Plugin
Anteros Security Store Mongo jar Anteros-Security-Store-Mongo
Anteros Log4j Web Tracker jar Anteros-Log4j-Web-Tracker
Anteros Rest Documentation Maven Plugin maven-plugin Anteros-RestDoc-Maven-Plugin
Anteros NoSQL Spring Web jar Anteros-NoSql-Spring-Web
Anteros MQTT pom java-parent
Anteros CSV jar Anteros-CSV
Anteros Cups4J jar Anteros-Cups4J
Anteros Ejabberd API jar Anteros-Ejabberd-Api
anteros-hardware-android aar anteros-hardware-android
anteros-installer-android aar anteros-installer-android
Anteros Integração Bancaria jar Anteros-Integracao-Bancaria
Anteros IOT jar Anteros-IOT
Anteros JSONDoc Maven Plugin jar Anteros-JSONDoc-Maven-Plugin
Anteros JSONDoc Spring Boot jar Anteros-JSONDoc-SpringBoot
Anteros JSONDoc UI jar Anteros-JSONDoc-UI-Webjar
Anteros Mail jar Anteros-Mail
Anteros Mobile Server jar Anteros-MobileServer
anteros-mqtt-broker jar anteros-mqtt-broker
anteros-mqtt-client-spring-boot-starter jar anteros-mqtt-client-spring-boot-starter
anteros-mqtt-server-spring-boot-starter jar anteros-mqtt-server-spring-boot-starter
anteros-mqtt-tools pom anteros-mqtt-tools
Anteros Nominatim jar Anteros-Nominatim
Anteros NoSQL Security jar Anteros-NoSql-Security
Anteros NoSQL Spring MongoDB jar Anteros-NoSql-Spring-MongoDB
Anteros Payment Integration Api jar Anteros-Payment-Api
Anteros PEM Key Store Provider jar Anteros-PEM-Keystore
Anteros Core jar Anteros-RSQL
anteros-security-android aar anteros-security-android
Anteros Security Spring Mongo jar Anteros-Security-Spring-Mongo
Anteros Services REST SQL jar Anteros-Services-RestSQL
Anteros SMS jar Anteros-SMS
Anteros SMS Integration jar Anteros-SMS-Integration
anteros-spring-android aar anteros-spring-android
Anteros Spring Swagger jar Anteros-Spring-Swagger
anteros-synchronism-android aar anteros-synchronism-android
Anteros YAML jar Anteros-YAML
Paho P2 Repository eclipse-repository br.com.anteros.client.mqttv3.repository
Br.com.anteros.client.mqttv3.test jar br.com.anteros.client.mqttv3.test
Br.com.anteros.mqtt.utility jar br.com.anteros.mqtt.utility
Anteros Archetype maven-archetype Anteros-Archetype

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