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Once upon a time i had to define the deployment in each of my applications. The pom.xml's and bash scripts didn't stop growing with build instructions which my app doesn't care about. I needed thousands commits for hacky testing of my CI/CD systems even if i just want to do defaults like tagging or semantic versioning. So i started this project to keep the build instructions in my environment and have the plugin already tested. Now i can run with auto configuration my deployments daily. The plugin will even take care of updating all dependencies as semantic versioning. And all lived happily ever after. This plugin will autoconfigure "every" default for you. Pom file descriptions are not need anymore. For example: * Auto configuration * semantic versioning * update dependencies and plugins * maven plugins, * Readme.md variables and placeholder, * Tagging, * [...] and much more while you can still use the original maven userProperties and/or systemProperties (ignoring ".", "_", "-") to configure the plugins

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