group: be.yildiz-games

fresh name packaging artifact id
Yildiz Common Logging jar common-logging
Yildiz Common Exception jar common-exception
Yildiz-Engine Common Util jar common-util
Yildiz Common Shared jar common-shared
Yildiz-Engine Module Database jar module-database
Yildiz-Engine Common File jar common-file
Yildiz-Engine Module Audio jar module-audio
Yildiz Common Model jar common-model
Yildiz Common Mapping jar common-mapping
Yildiz Common Geometry jar common-geometry
Yildiz-Engine Module Network jar module-network
Yildiz Common Library Loader jar common-libloader
Yildiz Module Graphic jar module-graphic
Yildiz Common JNI jar common-jni
Yildiz Common Mapping Model jar common-mapping-model
Yildiz Common Shape jar common-shape
Yildiz Module Physics jar module-physics
Yildiz Common Game Object jar common-gameobject
Yildiz Common Client jar common-client
Yildiz Common Operating System jar common-os
Yildiz Engine Shared jar engine-shared
Yildiz-Engine Module Messaging jar module-messaging
Yildiz Module Window jar module-window
Yildiz Common Compression jar common-compression
Yildiz Common Frame jar common-frame
Yildiz Common Time jar common-time
Yildiz Module Script jar module-scripting
Yildiz Feature Entity jar feature-entity-shared
Yildiz Feature Resources Shared jar feature-resource-shared
Yildiz Common Authentication jar common-authentication
Yildiz-Engine Module Audio OpenAL jar module-audio-openal
Yildiz Module Physics Bullet jar module-physics-bullet
Yildiz Feature player jar feature-player-shared
Yildiz Module Window Swt jar module-window-swt
Yildiz Common Git jar common-git
Yildiz Common Native jar common-native
Yildiz Common File XML jar common-file-xml
Yildiz Module Graphic Ogre jar module-graphic-ogre
Yildiz Feature Mission Shared jar feature-mission-shared
Yildiz Component Native Ogg jar component-native-ogg
Yildiz Common Mapping Geometry jar common-mapping-geometry
Yildiz Component Native Alsa jar component-native-alsa
Yildiz Component Native Bullet jar component-native-bullet
Yildiz Launcher Shared jar launcher-shared
Yildiz Module Network Netty jar module-network-netty
Yildiz Feature City jar feature-city-shared
Yildiz Feature Research jar feature-research-shared
Yildiz Feature player jar feature-construction-shared
Yildiz Component Zlib jar component-native-zlib
Yildiz Component Native Ogredeps jar component-native-ogredeps
Yildiz Module Graphic Ogre for windows 64 jar module-graphic-ogre-win64
Yildiz Component Native Flac jar component-native-flac
Yildiz Feature message shared jar feature-message-shared
Yildiz Common Collection jar common-collection
Module-vfs jar module-vfs
Yildiz Component Native vorbis jar component-native-vorbis
Yildiz-Engine Module Database Derby jar module-database-derby
Yildiz-Engine Module Messaging Activemq jar module-messaging-activemq
Yildiz-Engine Module Database Postgresql jar module-database-postgresql
Yildiz Module Audio OpenAL Linux64 jar module-audio-openal-linux64
Module-vfs-physfs jar module-vfs-physfs
Yildiz Module Vfs PhysFs Win64 jar module-vfs-physfs-win64
Bom Junit pom bom-junit
Yildiz Feature Entity Modular jar feature-entity-modular-shared
Yildiz Module Window Swt win64 jar module-window-swt-win64
Yildiz Feature research server jar feature-research-server
Yildiz Component Freeimage jar component-native-freeimage
Yildiz Launcher Server jar launcher-server
Yildiz Parent Native pom parent-native
Yildiz Component Native Boost jar component-native-boost
Yildiz Module Audio OpenAL win64 jar module-audio-openal-win64
Yildiz Common Logging Logback jar common-logging-logback
Yildiz Module Database Mysql jar module-database-mysql
Yildiz-Engine Module Database Pool c3p0 jar module-database-pool-c3p0
Yildiz Common Configuration jar common-configuration
Yildiz Module Graphic Ogre for linux 64 jar module-graphic-ogre-linux64
Yildiz Common Application jar common-application
Bom SWT pom bom-swt
Yildiz Tooling Repository Synchronisation jar tooling-repo-sync
Bom Scripting pom bom-scripting
Bom Netty IO pom bom-netty
Yildiz Module Physics Bullet Linux 64 jar module-physics-bullet-linux64
Yildiz Module Physics Bullet Windows 64 jar module-physics-bullet-win64
Bom Lombok pom bom-lombok
Yildiz Module Script Ruby jar module-scripting-ruby
Bom connectorj pom bom-connectorj
Yildiz Component Native OpenAl jar component-native-openal
Yildiz-Engine Parent pom parent
Yildiz Parent Application jar parent-application
Yildiz Parent Application Client jar parent-application-client
Yildiz Parent Component Native pom parent-component-native
Yildiz Feature Parent Server pom parent-feature-server
Yildiz Component Native Ogre3d jar component-native-ogre3d
Yildiz Module Window Swt linux64 jar module-window-swt-linux64
Yildiz Component Native Physfs jar component-native-physicsfs
Yildiz Component Native png jar component-native-png
Yildiz Component Native Sndio jar component-native-sndio
Yildiz Engine Client jar engine-client
Yildiz Engine Client Addon Parser XML jar engine-client-addon-parser-xml
Yildiz Engine Client Addon State-machine jar engine-client-addon-statemachine
Yildiz Engine Addon UI jar engine-client-addon-ui
Yildiz Engine Client Parent pom engine-client-parent
Yildiz Engine Server jar engine-server
Yildiz Authentication jar authentication
Yildiz Feature City Server jar feature-city-server
Yildiz Feature Entity Server jar feature-entity-server
Yildiz Component Native Libsndfile jar component-native-libsndfile
Yildiz Feature message server jar feature-message-server
Yildiz Feature mission client jar feature-mission-client
Yildiz Feature Mission Server jar feature-mission-server
Yildiz Component Native png jar component-native-jpeg
Yildiz Feature Player Server jar feature-player-server
Yildiz Component FreeType jar component-native-freetype

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