fresh name packaging artifact id
Octopus-core jar octopus-core
Octopus-common-web jar octopus-common-web
Octopus-common-se jar octopus-common-se
Octopus-keycloak-se jar octopus-keycloak-se
Octopus-rest jar octopus-rest
Octopus-oauth2-common jar octopus-oauth2-common
Support for MicroProfile JWT-Auth (core) jar octopus-mp-core
Octopus Rest Client provider jar octopus-rest-client-provider
Octopus-jsf7 jar octopus-jsf7
Octopus-se-standalone jar octopus-se-standalone
Octopus-oauth2-common-jsf jar octopus-oauth2-common-jsf
Octopus-oauth2-common-rest jar octopus-oauth2-common-rest
OAuth2 LinkedIn info provider jar octopus-oauth2-linkedin-common
OAuth2 Github info provider jar octopus-oauth2-github-common
OAuth2 Google info provider jar octopus-oauth2-google-common
Octopus-otp jar octopus-otp
Http-sig-core jar http-sig-core
Octopus-oauth2-se jar octopus-oauth2-se
Security API (Soteria) Adapter jar octopus-security-api-adapter
Octopus-token-generator jar octopus-token-generator
Octopus-web pom octopus-web
One Time Password Sender as 2-Step jar otp-sender
HTTP Signature for JAX-RS pom signature-parent
Time Based One Time Password with QR code jar totp-web
Support for Google Accesstoken in Authorization Header jar octopus-oauth2-google-rest
Http-sig-jax-rs-reciever jar http-sig-jax-rs-reciever
Http-sig-jax-rs-sender jar http-sig-jax-rs-sender
Declarative Permission based security for Java EE / Java SE pom octopus
Octopus-javafx jar octopus-javafx
Octopus-keycloak jar octopus-keycloak
Support for Keycloack token Authorization header jar octopus-keycloak-rest
Octopus Rest Client for Keycloak OpenId Connect jar octopus-keycloak-rest-client
Support for MicroProfile JWT-Auth jar octopus-mp
Octopus Rest Client for MicroProfile JWT-Auth jar octopus-mp-rest-client
Octopus-non-web pom octopus-non-web
OAuth2 Github JSF Authentication jar octopus-oauth2-github-jsf
Support for Github Accesstoken in Authorization Header jar octopus-oauth2-github-rest
OAuth2 Google JSF Authentication jar octopus-oauth2-google-jsf
HTTP Signature code parent pom http-sig-code
OAuth2 LinkedIn JSF Authentication jar octopus-oauth2-linkedin-jsf
Support for LinkedIn Accesstoken in Authorization Header jar octopus-oauth2-linkedin-rest
Atbash Octopus Parent pom octopus-parent

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