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fresh name packaging artifact id
Module :: JGDMS URL providers and Integrity jar jgdms-url-integrity
Module :: JGDMS Jini Platform jar jgdms-platform
Module :: JGDMS Service DL Library jar jgdms-lib-dl
Module :: JGDMS Jini Extensible Remote Invocation jar jgdms-jeri
Module :: JGDMS Service Library jar jgdms-lib
Module :: JGDMS Activation Platform jar jgdms-activation
Module :: JGDMS Resources jar jgdms-resources
Module :: JGDMS Service Starter jar service-starter
Module :: JGDMS RMI TLS jar jgdms-rmi-tls
Module :: JGDMS Loader jar jgdms-pref-class-loader
Module :: Groovy Configuration jar groovy-config
Module :: JGDMS Collection jar jgdms-collections
Module :: JGDMS JRMP jar jgdms-jrmp
Module :: JGDMS IIOP jar jgdms-iiop
Module :: JGDMS Lookup Discovery Providers jar jgdms-discovery-providers
Module :: JGDMS SharedGroup Destroy jar jgdms-destroy
Module :: JGDMS Service DL Library UI Factory jar jgdms-ui-factory
Module :: Tools pom tools
Module :: JGDMS Extra service utilities jar extra
Module :: Fiddler the LookupDiscoveryService pom fiddler
Module :: Group pom group
Module :: JGDMS Service Browser jar jgdms-browser
Module :: OSGi JINI service bridge jar jgdms-osgi-services
Module :: Jini 2.1 compatibility jar jini-2.1-compat
Module :: JSK Library jar jsk-lib
Module :: JSK Platform jar jsk-platform
Module :: Mahalo pom mahalo
Module :: Mercury the Event Mailbox pom mercury
Module :: Norm pom norm
Module :: Outrigger pom outrigger
Module :: Phoenix Activation pom phoenix-activation
Module :: Lookup Service pom reggie
JGDMS Distribution pom dist

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