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fresh name packaging artifact id
Core jar won-core
Web of Needs Test jar won-test
Cryptography jar won-cryptography
Bot jar won-bot
Utilities Conversation jar won-utils-conversation
Matcher Utils jar won-matcher-utils
Owner jar won-owner
Utilities-Goals jar won-utils-goals
Matcher Service jar won-matcher-service
Sockets: Transactions jar won-sockets-tx
Matcher Client jar won-matcher
Utilities-Mail jar won-utils-mail
Node jar won-node
Facets: Transactions jar won-facets-tx
signingframework jar signingframework
won-utils-tls jar won-utils-tls
Won-utils-batch jar won-utils-batch
Vocabulary jar won-vocab
Ontology Validator jar won-ontology-validator
Owner Webapp war won-owner-webapp
Web of Needs parent pom pom won-parent-pom
Socket Modules pom won-sockets
Node Webapp war won-node-webapp
Won-matcher-sparql jar won-matcher-sparql
Utilities pom won-utils
Won-matcher-solr jar won-matcher-solr
Matcher-Rescal jar won-matcher-rescal
Utilities-Crawling jar won-utils-crawl
Facet Modules pom won-facets
Utilities-Import jar won-utils-import
Docker pom won-docker
won-buildtools jar won-buildtools
Web of Needs Main pom webofneeds

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