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fresh name packaging artifact id
Molindo Utils bundle molindo-utils
Helios Client jar helios-client
Helios Service Registration jar helios-service-registration
Scrutineer (Stream Comparator) jar scrutineer
Helios Testing Common Library jar helios-testing-common
Molindo Wicket Utils jar molindo-wicket-utils
Helios Tools jar helios-tools
Helios Services jar helios-services
Helios System Tests jar helios-system-tests
Helios Testing Library jar helios-testing
etcd Java client jar etcd-client
Molindo Web Tools LogAnalyzer jar molindo-webtools-loganalyzer
Molindo Web Tools Crawler jar molindo-webtools-crawler
esi4j - Elastic Search Integration for Java jar esi4j
Molindo MySQL Compare jar molindo-mysql-collations-lib
Wicket Merged Resources bundle wicketstuff-merged-resources
Git Commit Id Plugin Maven Mojo maven-plugin git-commit-id-plugin
Helios API Documentation jar helios-api-documentation
Helios Integration Tests jar helios-integration-tests
Helios Parent pom helios-parent
Amazon Product Advertising API Client jar molindo-amazonclient
Molindo-maven-download pom molindo-maven-download
Molindo MySQL Collations jar molindo-mysql-collations
Molindo Notify jar molindo-notify
Molindo OSS Dependencies pom molindo-oss-dependencies
Molindo OSS POM pom molindo-oss-pom
Molindo Web Tools pom molindo-webtools
Molindo Web Tools LogReplay jar molindo-webtools-logreplay
spring-data-custom jar spring-data-custom
Amazon Web Services S3 Maven Wagon Support (Molindo Fork) jar aws-maven

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