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How many classes does it take to make a cache? 60? 80? You might think so if you look at the other caches on the market. Ashkay is a streamlined, simple cache that in many ways is more powerful than the other mainstream caches. Ashkay is a strategy based caching tool. In most cases, you might be using a configuration file to tell the cache what rules it should obey. Or, you might just be setting properties on the cache. I have never liked this model as it limits me, the user of the cache to strategies the developer decided were important. Instead, Ashkay lets you choose the strategy(ies) to use when caching certain objects. Of course, a few of the most handy strategies are pre-packaged, but implementing a new one is a simple as can be. Ashkay is a fork of <a href="http://xot.sf.net">xot</a> caching code. Made more sense on its own.

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