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fresh name packaging artifact id
Tock Shared jar tock-shared
Tock NLP Entity Values jar tock-nlp-entity-value
Tock Bot Jackson Bindings jar tock-bot-engine-jackson
Tock Bot Engine jar tock-bot-engine
Tock Bot Toolkit jar bot-toolkit
Tock NLP Front Ioc jar tock-nlp-front-ioc
Tock STT Core jar tock-stt-core
Tock NLP Front Client jar tock-nlp-front-client
Tock NLP Model Service jar tock-nlp-model-service
Tock NLP Core Shared jar tock-nlp-core-shared
Tock Bot Toolkit Base jar bot-toolkit-base
Tock NLP Front Shared jar tock-nlp-front-shared
Tock Translator Core jar tock-translator-core
Tock NLP Core Service jar tock-nlp-core-service
Tock Bot WS Client API jar tock-bot-api-client
Tock NLP Model Shared jar tock-nlp-model-shared
Tock NLP Model Client jar tock-nlp-model-client
Tock Kotlin Compiler Shared classes jar tock-bot-admin-kotlin-compiler-shared
Tock Bot Rest Connector Client jar tock-bot-connector-rest-client
Tock Bot Mongo jar tock-bot-storage-mongo
Tock NLP Front Service jar tock-nlp-front-service
Tock Bot API Model jar tock-bot-api-model
Tock NLP Core Client jar tock-nlp-core-client
Tock NoOp Translator jar tock-translator-noop
Tock Bot Admin Test Core jar tock-bot-admin-test-core
Tock NLP Admin Server jar tock-nlp-admin-server
Tock Bot Web Connector jar tock-bot-connector-web
Tock Bot API Demo common jar tock-bot-demo-api-common
Tock NLP Build Model Worker on compute platform jar tock-nlp-build-model-worker-on-demand
Tock NLP Model Mongo jar tock-nlp-model-storage-mongo
Tock Bot Test Toolkit Base jar bot-test-base
Tock NLP API Client jar nlp-api-client
Tock Kotlin Compiler REST client jar tock-bot-admin-kotlin-compiler-client
Tock Kotlin Compiler Core jar tock-bot-admin-kotlin-compiler-core
Tock Bot API Webhook Base jar tock-bot-api-webhook-base
Tock Bot API Web Socket Base jar tock-bot-api-websocket-base
Tock Bot Alexa Connector jar tock-bot-connector-alexa
Tock Bot Business Chat Connector jar tock-bot-connector-businesschat
Tock Bot Google Assistant Connector jar tock-bot-connector-ga
Tock Bot Messenger Connector jar tock-bot-connector-messenger
Tock Bot Rest Connector jar tock-bot-connector-rest
Tock Bot Rocket Chat Connector jar tock-bot-connector-rocketchat
Tock Bot Slack Connector jar tock-bot-connector-slack
Tock Bot Teams Connector jar tock-bot-connector-teams
Tock Bot Twitter Connector jar tock-bot-connector-twitter
Tock Bot WhatsApp Connector jar tock-bot-connector-whatsapp
Tock Duckling Entities Client jar tock-nlp-duckling-client
Tock NLP Front Mongo jar tock-nlp-front-storage-mongo
Tock NLP Integration Tests jar tock-nlp-integration-tests
Tock NLP OpenNlp jar tock-nlp-model-opennlp
Tock Google Speech STT jar tock-stt-google-speech
Tock NoOp STT jar tock-stt-noop
Tock XRay Plugin jar tock-xray-plugin
Tock Bot Test Toolkit jar bot-test
Tock NLP Admin Front zip tock-nlp-admin-web
Tock Bot Orchestration jar tock-bot-orchestration
Tock Bot API Webhook jar tock-bot-api-webhook
Tock Bot API Web Socket jar tock-bot-api-websocket
Tock Bot Google Chat Connector jar tock-bot-connector-google-chat
Tock NLP Build Model Worker on AWS BATCH jar tock-nlp-build-model-worker-on-aws-batch
Tock Bot Web Connector Model jar tock-bot-connector-web-model
Tock Bot Admin Test Xray jar tock-bot-admin-test-xray
Tock NLP Core jar tock-nlp-core
Tock NLP Dialogflow Client jar tock-nlp-dialogflow
Tock Duckling Entities jar tock-nlp-duckling
Tock Bot API Demo jar tock-bot-demo-api
Tock Duckling Entities Service jar tock-nlp-duckling-service
Tock NLP Entity Evaluators jar tock-nlp-entity-evaluator
Tock NLP Entity Rest Client jar tock-nlp-entity-rest
Tock NLP Build Model Worker jar tock-nlp-build-model-worker
Tock NLP Front jar tock-nlp-front
Tock Bot API Service jar tock-bot-api-service
Tock Bot API jar tock-bot-api
Tock Bot Admin Front zip tock-bot-admin-web
Tock NLP API Service jar tock-nlp-api-service
Tock Translator jar tock-translator
Tock Bot jar tock-bot
Tock NLP Model jar tock-nlp-model
Tock Bot Admin Test jar tock-bot-admin-test
Tock Google Translator jar tock-translator-google
Tock NLP Rasa Model jar tock-nlp-model-rasa
Tock Bot Admin Server jar tock-bot-admin-server
Tock Kotlin Compiler Server jar tock-bot-admin-kotlin-compiler-server
Tock NLP CoreNLP jar tock-nlp-model-stanford
Tock NLP API Documentation jar tock-nlp-api-doc
Tock Retrofit Client dependencies jar tock-retrofit-jackson-client
Tock jar tock-root
Tock Bot Admin Kotlin Compiler jar tock-bot-admin-kotlin-compiler
Tock STT jar tock-stt
Tock Bot Admin jar tock-bot-admin
Tock Analytics chatbase integration jar tock-analytics-chatbase
Tock Bot Open Data jar tock-bot-open-data
Tock NLP API jar tock-nlp-api
Tock Bot API Demo common jar tock-bot-demo-api-websocket
Tock NLP jar tock-nlp
Tock NLP Admin jar tock-nlp-admin
Tock Bot API Demo Webhook jar tock-bot-demo-api-webhook

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