group: ai.h2o

fresh name packaging artifact id
h2o-core pom h2o-core
h2o-genmodel pom h2o-genmodel
h2o-algos pom h2o-algos
sparkling-water-core_2.11 jar sparkling-water-core_2.11
h2o-persist-hdfs pom h2o-persist-hdfs
sparkling-water-ml_2.11 jar sparkling-water-ml_2.11
sparkling-water-repl_2.11 jar sparkling-water-repl_2.11
h2o-web pom h2o-web
h2o-genmodel-ext-xgboost pom h2o-genmodel-ext-xgboost
h2o-scala_2.11 pom h2o-scala_2.11
h2o-avro-parser pom h2o-avro-parser
h2o-automl pom h2o-automl
h2o-persist-s3 pom h2o-persist-s3
h2o-orc-parser pom h2o-orc-parser
h2o-parquet-parser pom h2o-parquet-parser
h2o-ext-xgboost pom h2o-ext-xgboost
Google Analytics Java API jar google-analytics-java
sparkling-water-examples_2.11 jar sparkling-water-examples_2.11
h2o-scala_2.10 pom h2o-scala_2.10
Reflections jar reflections
deepwater-backend-api pom deepwater-backend-api
sparkling-water-core jar sparkling-water-core_2.10
h2o-app pom h2o-app
h2o-jaas-pam pom h2o-jaas-pam
mojo2-runtime-api jar mojo2-runtime-api
h2o-ext-krbstandalone pom h2o-ext-krbstandalone
h2o-webserver-iface pom h2o-webserver-iface
h2o-ext-authsupport pom h2o-ext-authsupport
h2o-persist-gcs pom h2o-persist-gcs
h2o-jetty-8 pom h2o-jetty-8
xgboost4j-linux-ompv3 jar xgboost4j-linux-ompv3
xgboost4j-linux-gpuv4 jar xgboost4j-linux-gpuv4
xgboost4j jar xgboost4j
xgboost4j-osx-minimal jar xgboost4j-osx-minimal
xgboost4j-linux-minimal jar xgboost4j-linux-minimal
sparkling-water-repl jar sparkling-water-repl_2.10
xgboost-predictor jar xgboost-predictor
sparkling-water-ml jar sparkling-water-ml_2.10
h2o-flow jar h2o-flow
h2o-hive pom h2o-hive
h2o-bindings pom h2o-bindings
h2o-tree-api jar h2o-tree-api
sparkling-water-package_2.11 jar sparkling-water-package_2.11
H2O Classic Core jar h2o-classic
sparkling-water-doc jar sparkling-water-doc
h2o-ext-jython-cfunc pom h2o-ext-jython-cfunc
H2O Project Parent POM pom h2o-classic-parent
h2o-ext-mojo-pipeline pom h2o-ext-mojo-pipeline
xgboost4j-linux-gpuv3 jar xgboost4j-linux-gpuv3
sparkling-water-examples jar sparkling-water-examples_2.10
sparkling-water-doc_2.11 jar sparkling-water-doc_2.11
h2o-java-rest-bindings pom h2o-java-rest-bindings
xgboost4j-linux-ompv4 jar xgboost4j-linux-ompv4
h2o-jetty-9 pom h2o-jetty-9
h2o-persist-http pom h2o-persist-http

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