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fresh name packaging artifact id
ActiveMQ :: Assembly jar activemq
ActiveMQ :: Core jar activemq-core
ActiveMQ :: GBean Interfaces jar activemq-gbean-management
ActiveMQ :: Resource Adapter rar activemq-ra
Jmdns jar jmdns
Activemq-spring jar activemq-spring
ActiveMQ :: Optional jar activemq-optional
Smackx jar smackx
Smack jar smack
Jaxb-api jar jaxb-api
ActiveMQ :: Web jar activemq-web
Activemq-transport-xstream jar activemq-transport-xstream
ActiveMQ :: GBeans jar activemq-gbean
ActiveMQ :: JAAS jar activemq-jaas
Activemq-ws-xmltypes jar activemq-ws-xmltypes
Activemq-transport-jgroups jar activemq-transport-jgroups
Activemq-transport-jrms jar activemq-transport-jrms
Activemq-transport-jxta jar activemq-transport-jxta
Activemq-transport-ssl jar activemq-transport-ssl
Activemq-transport-zeroconf jar activemq-transport-zeroconf
ActiveMQ :: WS jar activemq-ws
Jaxb-impl jar jaxb-impl
Jaxb-xjc jar jaxb-xjc
Relaxngdatatype jar relaxngDatatype
Xsdlib jar xsdlib
Activemq-axis jar activemq-axis
Activemq-container jar activemq-container
Activemq-itest-ear jar activemq-itest-ear
ActiveMQ :: Integration Tests :: Ejb jar activemq-itest-ejb
Activemq-store-bdb jar activemq-store-bdb
Activemq-store-bdbn jar activemq-store-bdbn
Activemq-store-jdbc jar activemq-store-jdbc
Activemq-store-jdbm jar activemq-store-jdbm
Activemq-store-journal jar activemq-store-journal
Activemq-tools jar activemq-tools
Activemq-transport-ember jar activemq-transport-ember
Activemq-transport-gnet jar activemq-transport-gnet
Activemq-transport-http jar activemq-transport-http
Activemq-transport-jabber jar activemq-transport-jabber

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